Rules of the Gramado International Creativity Prize of the 21st World Advertising Festival of Gramado 2017

The Contest "International Creativity Prize of Advertising" is established by ALAP - Latin American Association of Advertising, a nonprofit organization headquartered at Avenida Pernambuco, 1213/601 – São Geraldo – Porto Alegre/RS – Brazil, ZIP Code number 90240-005, CNPJ / MF under n. º 91-344.986/0001-72, aims to select and reward the creation of Is intended to select and reward the advertising creation of communication professionals. It has an exclusively cultural character, without any modality of payment of registration by the participants. It is open to professionals from communication agencies around the world.


The theme to be worked by the subscribers is "SUSTAINABLE CLIMATE", following the briefing below:


A - What is the concept of sustainability?

According to "Wikipedia", the free encyclopedia of the Internet, sustainability can be defined as the ability of humans to interact with the world, preserving the environment so as not to compromise the natural resources of future generations. The concept of sustainability is complex because it meets a set of interdependent variables, but we can say that it must have the capacity to integrate social, energy, economic and environmental issues.

B - What is the social principle in sustainability?

It is necessary to respect the human being, so that he can respect nature. And from the human point of view, it is itself the most important part of the environment.

C - What is the energy principle in sustainability?

Without energy the economy does not develop. And if the economy does not develop, the living conditions of the populations deteriorate.

D - What is the environmental principle in sustainability?

With the degraded environment, human beings shorten their lifetime; The economy does not develop; The future is untenable.

E - Where does the principle of sustainability apply?

The principle of sustainability applies from a single enterprise, through a small community (like ecovillages), to the entire planet.

For a human enterprise to be considered sustainable, it must be:

• Ecologically correct

• Economically viable

The sustainable use of natural resources must "meet the needs of the present generation without affecting the possibility of future generations to meet their needs." Especially for issues related to environmental degradation and pollution that are not limited to political boundaries, but which affect countries, regions and peoples well beyond their point of origin.

Sustainable development has the imperative need "to defend and improve the human environment for present and future generations". A goal to be achieved together with peace and economic and social development.

F - What does sustainable development mean?

Sustainable development is understood as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It reconciles the claims of economic development advocates with the concerns of sectors interested in conserving ecosystems and biodiversity.

G - What is the world's greatest concern for a "Sustainable Climate"?

Greater integration of the three dimensions of sustainable development (economic, social and environmental) through programs and policies focused on social issues and, in particular, social protection systems.

H - Suggestion of topics for the creation of campaigns:

• Sustainable agriculture

• Sustainable architecture

• Self-sustainability

• Protection of biodiversity

• Responsible consumption

• Biological diversity

• Climate change

• Compensation of CO² with the planting of trees

• Sustainable growth

• Sustainable development

• Urban ecology

• Ecological economics

• Education for sustainability

• Environmental education

• Conservation of the Amazon

• Recyclable trash

• Ground degraded

I - Concepts for the creative idea:

"Help make the world better."

"The future we do now".

J - What is the tone of the campaign?

Awareness and social responsibility.

K. What are the parts / means to be created / considered?

According to item 02 (two) of this regulation.

L. What is the deadline and the delivery process?

According to item 02 (two) of this regulation.

02. From the Inscriptions

I) Entries will be individual or in pairs, and each student or pair, can register only one piece in each category: graphic (print, outdoor or poster), electronic (radio or cinema / TV) and online media (digital communication).

II) The piece will be considered enrolled from the completion of the registration form and the submission of the material, according to the criteria established on the site for each category.

III) Entries of pieces in all languages will be accepted, but the pieces that are not sent finished in the English language should have their subtitled audios (electronic pieces) and their texts (graphic pieces) with annexes with English version.

IV) Entries should be made by the website from February to May 15 in Portuguese, Spanish or English.

V) The deadline for registration and shipment of parts will be no later than May 15, 2017.

  1. Description of Categories

a) Graphic Ad: Creation and finalization of listing the page format for newspaper (261mm x 315mm) or magazine (format: 205 x 285 mm).

b) Poster: Creation and submission of poster in A4 format 21cm x 29.7cm.

c) Outdoor: Creation and finishing of billboard to be printed on A4 sheet, size 27cm x 09cm.

d) Radio: Creation and settlement spot or advertising jingle format (30" or 60").

e) Cine/TV: Advertising film for the media TV, internet, mobile or cine format (30" or 60"). The submitted film must contain audio and video.

f) Online Media: Proposing a creative idea of digital marketing in PPT to make current generations aware of the importance of a "Sustainable Planet".

4. The Award

  1. The award-winning category will receive the "Rooster of Gramado with the Sphinx of the Publicity Roberto Duailibi ", a professional symbol of communication in Latin America and in the world.
  1. Awarded second and third places in each category (advertisement, poster, outdoor, radio, film / TV and online media) will receive an ALAP Honorable Mention Certificate.
  1. In the case of double enrollment, a diploma will be awarded to each member.
  1. The awards will be presented during the 21st Gramado World Advertising Festival.

5. The trial by jury of Creative Works

Phase 1 - Selection of the best works by an internal committee appointed by the Council of ALAP.

Phase 2 - Evaluation of the works by a jury composed of renowned professionals from the national and international market, nominated by the ALAP and the Organizing Committee of the International Creativity Prize of Gramado, to choose the winners.

- The judgment of the registered parts, according to item 02 of this regulation, will be online and the Curator (mediator) and the President of the Jury, will examine the notes of the international judges for the award of the prizes mentioned above.

- The President of the Jury will decide when there is a tie vote.

- The decisions of the Jury or the Curator (coordinator) of the Jury will not be appealed.

6. Final Rules for all Participants

  • Entrants agree to allow the use of their images, sound and voice names in movies, videos, photos and posters, advertisements in newspapers and magazines to promote your participation and / or contemplation in this Contest, at no cost to the ALAP and their partners.
  • All material received, including those chosen as winners, will not be returned to authors after the end of this contest, and they yield free and definitely the equity picture without limitation territory, becoming tenure ALAP, which you can use them in his own way.
  • For all legal purposes, the participants of this cultural tender claim to be the legitimate authors of submissions and ensure their originality, being responsible and ALAP exempting from any claim or demand that may subsequently be presented in court or out relating to copyright infringement.
  • Upon registration, applicants authorize, expressly, the ALAP and / or the supporting institution, use the entries in dissemination by any means of communication, printed or electronic, and display it in exhibitions, seminars, conferences, etc., non-commercial purposes.
  • Your subscription to International Creativity Prize, does not guarantee admission to the World Festival of Advertising of Gramado 2017.
  • Participation in this competition implies full and unconditional acceptance of all items of this Regulation.

Porto Alegre, February 2017.